The 2019 Pearl Trend

Whether you are into minimalism or love to layer, 2019 is all about how you accessorise. With varied trends and styles on the scene, there really is only one accessories trend that stands out against the rest.

Elegant, and for the independent. Pearls are the only thing you should be wearing this 2019.

Baroque Pearls are all the rage. Whether they are paired with gold or silver detailing, found on a hair clip, necklace, bracelet or ring. You cannot go wrong with a solid set of pearls.

Shop the Pearl Trend now at The Annex and feel effortlessly elegant and ooze femininity.

Rhiannon Clip

Do you love fashion that is easy, looks good and is in style? If so, the Rhiannon Clip by Reliquia is your new go-to. 18k gold filled, this hair clip is luxe. Meaning it will join you in going the distance. Due to its barrette style, it can pull your hair back into a pony, bun or just simply off your face. Easy and versatile, without sacrificing style. How can you go wrong with this number.

Rhiannon Clip by Reliquia

Petite Seashell and Pearl Earrings

The Petite Seashell and Pearl Earrings by Reliquia are everything your summer wardrobe needs and more. Endearing in size, it will bring out your inner minimalist. If you're after functionally on trend earrings, these bad boys are your calling.

Shop the Petite Seashell and Pearl Earrings now at The Annex.

Shop the Petite Seashell and Pearl Earrings now at The Annex.

Consuello Clip

The Consuello Clip is transseasonal and will go the distance. 18k gold filled, this number defines elegance and femininity. You won't need to be wearing anything else, as the Consuello Clip works as the perfect hair statement.

Shop The Consuello Clip now at The Annex

Consuello Clip by Reliquia | Shop at the Annex online

The Julietta Drop Earrings

The Juliet Drop Earrings are a fashion statement earring. Best suited for any event, these little numbers will have you looking and feeling your most special. It is made from brass and high quality micron gold plating, with pearl stones featured throughout the heart.

Shop your Juliet Drop Earrings by Mountain and Moon now at The Annex

Pearl Shield Drops

The Pearl Shield Drops are a total accessories must have. Made from Stirling Silver 24k Italian gold plated (nickel free), these bad boys are unique in shape and will have heads turning left right and centre. Their high quality make will also have you living in this set without need to worry. Who wants jewellery that looks like everyone elses?

Pearl Shield Drop Earrings | Fairley | Annex

Rich Girl Earrings

The name says it all. The Rich Girl Earrings are well and truly, RICH. In all things style, authenticity and pearl. A little playful in design, this little number sits comfortably on the ear. Without having to be minimal or boring! 18k gold filled accompanied by an adorable cluster of elegant vegan pearls.

Shop the Rich Girl Earrings by Reliquia available at The Annex now


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