The Trends From This Years 2019 Mercedes Benz Fashion Show

Upon the much anticipated arrival of this years 2019 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, came a number of new and exciting trends and styles. This week, Sydney was graced by designers such as Bec & BridgeHansen & GretelCamilla & Marc, and more to showcase their new season collections. 

Join us in delving into some of the top trends derived from this years 2019 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia runway and where you can shop some of these looks.  

The Suit Trend  

Suit Trend | Mercedes Benz fashion Week | The Annex

Bright, androgynously cut and colourful, the suit trend remains a total style favourite. From over-sized jackets to wide-leg trousers, feel free to indulge in an all you can eat breaky, as the more fitted attires can be well and truly left outside the suitcase. 

This years Mercedes Benz Fashion Week taught us the brighter the suit, the better, and with designers such as Deborah Symond O'Neil seamlessly showcasing the perfect autumn two-piece, how can one go wrong? 

Do you love this trend just as much as we do? Shop the Check You Later Blazer by Bec & Bridge at The Annex now! 

Check You Later Bec & Bridge at The Annex

Era Inspired Baguette Bag 

Trends from The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Where To Shop Them

A 1997 classic, celebrated by Sex & The City's one and only, Ms. Carrie Bradshaw. 

Wind back the clock and reminisce over your beloved baguette shaped hand-bag. Retro-inspired and in a playfully, endearing cut inspired by the delicious french staple, this little number will become your accessories go-too. 

Who remembers the iconic Fendi Baguette Bag from the early '00s? If it works as a mere and faint memory need not to worry. As of late, every fashion-lover has one of these numbers coat-handing their arm, or on en route to their wardrobe; signed, sealed and delivered. 

Bold and Distinct Colours 

Colour Trend at The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week | The Annex

AJE opened this years show with an array of stunning yellow hues and tones, an index to the colours we would later unveil across the course of the week. 

If there is one thing we have learnt from this years Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is that the cooler months ahead have not deterred any means of colour. From bold reds to stunning vibrant oranges and greens, this winter say hello to all things colourful.

Whether you find yourself a lover of the vibrant, feel free to experiment with reds, oranges and greens. If you are more on the subtle and softer side, go for more of the baby and pale blues, and pinks. 

Shop the C&M Camilla & Marc Hally Turtleneck at The Annex now.   

Hally Turtleneck | The Annex | C&M

We hope you love all the trends from this years Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Shop them now at The Annex. 

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